Reflejos del alma



While looking at yourself in a mirror, it’s possible to discern all kinds of features. Not only does it show an image, but also the way you see yourself. This can be very confronting when you perceive shortcomings, especially those that are complicated to deal with. Often we cast our eyes away and try to forget. Sometimes this can be difficult, so we search for other ways to escape negative thoughts, to numb our mind. One way is to imagine yourself in a different realm of thought, where your shortcomings are non-existent. Unfortunately, this can mean that unless your views change, the negative thoughts will be never ending and the urge to escape reality will become even bigger.

During my childhood the guitar was my means of escaping reality, but luckily it also became my solace and salvation. Eventually the art of composing drew me in, which made it possible for me to put my life experiences and feelings into music. In the process of writing, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I love about music and especially why I enjoy listening to different musical genres, not just flamenco. I discovered that these genres had a lot in common with flamenco. Flamenco can be aggressive, but also sensitive and intimate, lyrical yet rhythmical and percussive, spontaneous yet purposeful. It was at that moment that I realized the aggressiveness has a very hard rock-like quality to it, and the more intimate side of flamenco resembles classical music. From that point on, I allowed myself to be influenced more by other musical genres that I appreciate, taking the first steps in creating my own language, free from cultural appropriation.

— Jeff Heijne


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